serahkan segala-galanya pada Allah..

serahkan segala-galanya pada Allah..
He is enough for me :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Should A student have part-times job??

As the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English says students means someone who is studying at a school.So,based on the question obove I strongly disegree that school students should have part-times job because of the actual liability as a student and the bad effects that fall upon them if they have part-times job.
     Firstly,the actual liability as a school students is study,study and study.They definitely should know that their parents sent them to school to give one's attention to aquiring knowledge and be a knowledgeable soul and have good behaviour.Eventhough the students come from poor families,they should motivates themselves to study very well to help their family.For instance,be a cashier at any supermarket or a waiter at any restaurant is not the best way to raise their financial.In addition,they are still young to have part-times job.
      Secondly,when school students have part-times job,it will gives bad effects especially for their studies.As example,the school students will fail to arrange their daily schedule thoroughly and the time for study and work will divided unfairy.Hence,this students cannot get the outstanding result in examination and do not perform as well as the excellent students.Moreover,the school students,who have the part-times job usually have a worn-out soul and often sleep in class.They cannot pay a full of attention in class.So,how they want to be a millionare to help their family if they continuously act like that?
        In conclusion,a school students should not have part-times job as long as they are called as a 'school student'.Althongh it is undeniable that a poor student need more money to bear their studies,but we know that the government of Malaysia had give a lot of scholarship to poor students.So,there are no convinced reason for them to have a prt-tomes job.     

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